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Our History

The history of the Cedar Creek United Methodist Church goes back more than 150 years. Methodist missionaries traveled the territory by horse and preached in private homes, stores or wherever there was room to congregate. The deed for the first Methodist church in Cedar Creek is dated 1847. The first member was John Day Morgan.


In 1849 land was donated to the trustees of the Cedar Creek School and church with the distinct understanding it was to be used only for "preaching and teaching". Three years later they had their first resident minister, I. J. John.


In 1886 two acres of land where the church now stands, was purchased from John Wilhelm Voss. Over the years, small wooden structures were built to house the church but were destroyed either by fire or storm. Around the turn of the century the Woodmen of the World, an insurance and fraternal organization, built a two-story building on the back of the land. School and church were held on the first floor and their meetings were held on the second floor.


In 1890 the Cedar Creek Methodist Church was at its peak with 110 members. As people went off to war and moved away, the membership declined.

The congregation in 1910 built the current sanctuary. In the 1950's, the old Woodmen building was torn down and the materials were used by the congregation to build the rooms at the back of the sanctuary to be used for Sunday School.

In 1987 the church purchased the two acres next door. In 1990 the fellowship hall was built under the leadership of Elliott Ransom and in 1992 Julia Alexander bequeathed her mobile home to the church. The house next door and the acre it was on were purchased from Vineta Mitcham. That house was relocated behind the fellowship hall and remodeled and is now the Cedar Creek Child Care Center.

Many dreams have been fulfilled. The church now has a nursery, Sunday School classes for all ages, adult bible study, adult game groups, UMW groups, and a group of volunteers working with Texas Ramp Project to provide ramps into residences for our neighbors. The church also has bazaars that have raised funds each year for special projects such as the current building project.

God heard our prayers and knew our list of needs was long because he not only blessed us with new, involved and dedicated members every year but he doubly blessed us with caring pastors to help us accomplish His missions.

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