We, as human beings, were created to worship and praise our God. Music is one of those gifts God has given to us that we can give back to Him. With gratefulness and joy we lift our songs and voices to our Lord Jesus Christ. For many, music lifts their spirits and souls to express their love and commitment to serving our God and the community at large. It allows us to express our emotions whether it is jubilant rejoicing or mournful sadness. The listener and performer are drawn closer to God’s presence. To that end, the music program at Cedar Creek UMC encourages believers to utilize their gifts in music to honor and serve the Lord.

As presenters of music, whether a choir, instrumentalist, or soloist, we are worship leaders. The music presented at CCUMC is God-centered, biblical, expressive of our love and need for Christ, meaningful, and delivered to the best of our ability.

The Music Department of Cedar Creek UMC enables musicians of all types to express their faith through God’s gift of music. From choral anthems to the latest contemporary Christian music, CCUMC's Music Department provides many diverse and excellent ways of praising God. The Music Department is made up of vocal and instrumental groups of all ages for children, youth and adults. CCUMC is blessed with many talented musicians as well as an outstanding staff of musicians who lead and direct our various musical groups.  The staff is committed to serving Christ by producing music at a highest level of excellence.

We welcome those interested in becoming a part of this great organization and look forward to getting to know you and sharing in the gift of music in worship.